DSI Adder Snake, Low Angles to High Angles and Back with No Transfer

Figure 1:  Complete Adder Snake arrangement
Figure 1: Complete Adder Snake arrangement

Sandwich belt high angle conveyors have long been known as the best solution for tight spaces where a steep lift is required to maintain a small footprint. However, applications are also quite common in which a large footprint is available, but a high angle is needed in just a small portion of the conveyor path. Because a sandwich belt system uses a wider belt to achieve the same conveying rate as a conventional conveyor at the same speed, in an application such as that described above, the question must be asked: Should you extend the tail of the sandwich belt, or should you break up the path into two separate conveyors, in which a narrow conventional conveyor discharges on to the wider Sandwich belt system?

Figure 2:  Sandwich Conveyor fed by low-lift tripper
Figure 2: Sandwich Conveyor fed by low-lift tripper

For instance, a tripper may travel horizontally along the length of a dock to feed a perpendicular shiploader. In cases where the shiploader is at a considerably higher elevation than the dock conveyor, a standard tripper would require that the dock conveyor and dock be much longer than otherwise necessary, as its uplift would extend quite far back from its discharge pulley. Historically, the solution in this case would be to design a much lower-lift tripper, which would then feed on to a Sandwich Belt High Angle Conveyor. While this is a perfectly viable solution, which has been executed in the past as shown in Figure 2, it would be preferable to eliminate the conventional-to-sandwich transfer if possible.
The DSI Adder Snake (see Figure 1 and Figure 3), which is currently patent pending, solves the problem by swallowing the narrower conventional belt (Item 1), along with its material, into the two wider sandwich belts (Items 2 and 3). This allows the material to enter the sandwich belts with minimal disturbance and without the energy loss and additional equipment required for a standard transfer.
Figure 3:  Adder Snake sandwich entrance
Figure 3: Adder Snake sandwich entrance

While the shiploader trailer arrangement is a very good application for the Adder Snake, the concept was originally born out of a requirement to elevate material from underneath a storage facility to a surface conveyor. A conventional solution would not work, as it would require the surface conveyors to go sub-surface. Discharging on to a high angle conveyor was an option, but the space under the storage facility was very tight, and accommodating even a very compact transfer station proved to be difficult. The Adder Snake solved both problems by allowing a high angle with no transfer.
The Adder Snake can also eliminate transfers along long overland systems that require high angles only in isolated areas. As a bonus, it can further serve the function of a booster drive at those points, reducing the overland belt tension. Uphill and downhill paths are equally possible.

DMN-WESTINGHOUSE HP200 High Pressure Rotary Valve 360°

The DMN-WESTINGHOUSE  HP high pressure rotary valve has a very important advantage in air leakage: the special configuration of the body and rotor does not only protect product against degradation, it also does not allow any axial air leakage. This means that this valve has an air leakage reduction of one third against other standard high pressure valves.

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Neue robuste Gurtzentrierstation

Noch mehr Stabilität, noch mehr Qualität – Die neue manuzent NOVUM Gurtzentrierstation von Stricker

Das Unternehmen Stricker aus Münster präsentierte kürzlich unter anderem seine neue manuzent NOVUM Gurtzentrierstation. Diese Weiterentwicklung aus eigenem Hause kann nicht nur mit diversen technischen Verbesserungen gegenüber dem Vorgängermodell punkten. Auch qualitativ gibt es einen Sprung nach vorn, denn ab sofort kommen alle Komponenten aus Deutschland.

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POWTECH 2016 – A Photo Gallery – Part II – eDirectory Members

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Part I: The bulk-online Leaders + eDirectory Members
REMBE, WAMGROUP, Coperion K-Tron, Pelletron, Schenck Process, Brabender Technologie, Koeppern, ARVOS, Stanelle, Rotolok, DSH Systems, Tank Connection, Geroldinger, Solimar Pneumatics, Mettler Toledo, Tridelta SIPERM, Jansen & Heuning.

Part II: eDirectory Members
4B Components, Ltd., AKO Armaturen & Separations, Anval Valves, DMN-WESTINGHOUSE, ECUTEC Barcelona, HECHT Technologie, Hense Wägetechnik, hs-Umformtechnik, Fr. Jacob Söhne, MBA Instruments, motan colortronic, Windmöller & Höscher.

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POWTECH 2016 – A Photo Gallery – Part I – The bulk-online Leaders


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The Powder/Bulk Portal presents impressions gained at a visit to POWTECH 2016 in Nürnberg, Germany, in form of a Photo Gallery.
Only a small portion of all exhibiting companies could be covered in the Photo Gallery, and Member Companies and potential customers have received priority in the photo selection process.

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VAC-U-MAX Receives UBM Canon Award for 40 Years of Powder Show Exhibition

VAC-U-MAX President, Steve Pendleton, Accepts Award from UBM Canon for 40 Years of Exhibition at the Powder & Bulk Solids Show

 Belleville, NJ, USA – May 17, 2016This year’s Powder & Bulk Solids Conference & Exhibition (Powder Show) marked the 40th anniversary of the inaugural Powder Show, which first debuted in 1976. The Powder Show is the dry processing and bulk solids handling industry’s largest trade event, where both US and other manufacturers exhibit the latest innovations in bulk solids handling. This year’s event also featured a Center Stage pavilion where process equipment manufacturers, in appreciation for their continued support of the event and the industry, were presented with an award for exhibiting at all Powder Shows for the last 40 years. VAC-U-MAX President, Steve Pendleton accepted the award on behalf of VAC-U-MAX.

“We are excited at the opportunity to both support the Powder Show and the bulk solids handling industry. As a US manufacturer of both processing and industrial vacuum cleaning equipment, we feel the need to perpetuate our strong industry know-how and even stronger application expertise at events like the Powder Show, where we continually reach and teach process engineers about the latest innovations in bulk solids handling,” says Steve Pendleton, President, VAC-U-MAX.

Since 1954, VAC-U-MAX has been the pioneer in vacuum pneumatic conveying, developing the first air-powered venturi unit and advancing technologies for direct-loading of vacuum tolerant process equipment. Additionally, VAC-U-MAX is the first to design vertical-wall “Tube Hopper” material receivers.


At the event, VAC-U-MAX exhibited a full range of pneumatic conveying equipment, showcasing continuous and batch conveying applications, including the company’s standard Midrange Series Conveyors. VAC-U-MAX exhibited an in-application demonstration of a large 36 inch diameter filter receiver conveying deer corn from a bag dump station with integrated dust collector and bag compactor. System was powered by a VAC-U-MAX Vacuum Pump Unit. VAC-U-MAX is a UL-listed manufacturer and supplier of control packages.

Additionally, VAC-U-MAX exhibited several industrial vacuum cleaning systems, including the industry’s first air-powered vacuum cleaner, which does not utilize electricity or generate heat from operation. The MDL55 Combustible Dust Vacuum Series (Models 40008, 40012, 40013) are ideal for applications requiring cleanup of fine dusty materials and combustible dusts. The MDL850 was also featured, a high-powered portable vacuum cleaner offering continuous bagging of debris, minimizing worker exposure to dusts. The MDL1020 and MDL1040 were also demonstrated, with the MDL1020 featuring a powerful positive displacement pump designed specifically for high volume recovery (up to 5 tons per hour) of a variety of materials, and the MDL1040PD central vacuum system, engineered for Class I and Class II rated locations, with support of 1 to 3 operators at one time, while conforming to NFPA standards for indoor installation.

“We look forward to exhibiting at the 2018 Powder and Bulk Solids show,” says Steve Pendleton, “and VAC-U-MAX will continue to support the powder and bulk solids handling industry with advances in process automation via pneumatic conveying and industrial vacuum cleaning.”

About VAC-U-MAX:
VAC-U-MAX is a global leader in the design and manufacture of pneumatic conveying components and fully automated systems for vacuum conveying, batching, and weighing of powders and bulk materials in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical industries. The primary technology for conveying is vacuum, however VAC-U-MAX also specializes in positive pressure systems as well as flexible screw and aero-mechanical conveying. Product range also includes a full line of portable and central industrial vacuum cleaning systems for high volume recovery of various bulk materials, dusty powders, liquids, sludge, and combustible dusts.


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KREISEL öffnet sein Schüttgut-Technikum für externe Nutzer

Schüttgüter stellen Anlagenbetreiber und -planer immer wieder vor unerwartete Herausforderungen. Bei der Auslegung von Schüttgut-Anlagen kommt es oft auf den Erfahrungsschatz des jeweiligen Planers an. Im Zweifel wird aber lieber etwas großzügiger dimensioniert…..

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