NetterVibration – Serving Industry with Vibration

NetterVibration stands for more than 60 years of “Serving industry with vibration” and thanks to its wide experience plays a leading role internationally in the field of vibration technology. Productive and intelligent solutions, technical knowhow and “Made in Germany”-quality form the basis of success.

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WAMGROUP International Test Labs

A year ago, WAMGROUP® launched an ambitious project: setting up a series of test laboratories in various countries at the premises of their subsidiaries. Driven by the aim of offering the Group’s customers the opportunity to verify process feasibility and to carry out tests close to their home, the project took shape. To ensure equal conditions everywhere WAMGROUP® Corporate issued specifications on laboratory equipment and test procedures, as well as safety instructions regarding both handling of materials to be tested and the different trial arrangements.

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RotaVal HDMF Sanitary Rotary Valve Demo

If you have three minutes, you should take a look at this quick demonstration of the disassembly and assembly of the Sanitary HDMF RotaVal rotary valve.

We sell, service, and support many brands of rotary valves, including the RotaVal line of sanitary rotary valves.

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Glatt Continuous Granulation and Coating by Fluidized Bed

Fluidized bed – an ideal solution for custom particle design
A fluidized bed occurs when process air flowing upward lifts a layer of solid particles, fluidizing the particles. The process air is used to generate the fluidized-bed state, and also supplies the required thermal energy for the particle processes at the same time.

In addition to the thermal treatment of solid materials, fluidized-bed processes are used for drying tasks, for forming granules from powders (spray agglomeration) or liquids (spray granulation), and for the coating of particles (spray coating).

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REMBE Explosion Safety – Q-Box and TARGO-VENT


Operators of industrial facilities who work with combustible Solids need to manage the risks of potential dust explosions.

Typically plant components which are at risk are protected by Explosion Vents. These pressure relief devices relieve a certain area before the vessel is damaged by the explosion.

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REMBE Test Center: Explosionsschutz

Die REMBE Explosionsvorführungen sind ebenso bekannt wie beliebt. Keine namhafte Messe der Branche findet ohne die Live Demos statt. Die REMBE Ingenieure können aber weit mehr als Demos und die Auslegung von Schutzkonzepten:

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Nol-Tec Europe: A Company Presentation

Nol-Tec Europe s.r.l. is a leading partner for the development, planning, design, supply and installation of turnkey systems, subsystems and individual units in the fields of bulk material handling.

Our product range: Pneumatic Conveying Systems, Pneumatic blender, Dosing and Weighing, Dry Sorbent Injection System and Spryer Draying, including documentation, maintenance and after sales services.

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Nol-Tec Systems – An Introduction

Who is Nol-Tec Systems? Our latest video takes you behind the scenes of our 30+ year old company to learn more. Learn about Nol-Tec‘s passion for partnership with our customers and how our exceptional staff makes the difference in handling success for them.

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