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WAMGROUP: SILOTOP® ZERO – The New Generation

In twenty years from its introduction, SILOTOP® has become the global benchmark for silo venting and de-dusting applications. To keep pace with ever-stricter laws on environmental protection in many countries, WAMGROUP® has recently introduced the SILOTOP® ZERO.

This new silo venting filter is not just an evolution of its predecessor. With its new ‘ABSOLUTE’ filter media, SILOTOP® ZERO makes silo venting in concrete plants and other installations even more eco-friendly, reducing dust emission to less than 1mg/Nm3.

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motan Group: Conveying and Dosing Technology at Greiner Packaging GmbH

Precision in seven layers
Worldwide, up to 2.5 billion cups of coffee are drunk every day. Much of this is prepared from coffee powder capsule portions in coffee machines. Due to the necessary oxygen barrier to prevent ageing of the coffee due to oxidation, these capsule portions consist of either aluminium or a plastic composite foil with an integrated oxygen barrier. Since 2015, the latter have been produced by  Greiner Packaging  in Kremsmünster, Austria (Fig.1). For this purpose, a sustainable production concept was developed together with the peripheral equipment manufacturer motan and the Austrian agent Luger. With this concept, the punching waste left over after punching out the deep-drawn capsule bodies is completely fed back into the 7‑layer extrusion line in accordance with all quality limits.

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Flexicon: Mobile Screener-Conveyor Handles Non-Free-Flowing Materials

Whitstable, Kent, U.K. – A new BEV-CON™ Mobile Flexible Screw Conveyor with Round Vibratory Screener by Flexicon removes oversize particles and reduces soft agglomerates before conveying on-size bulk materials from powders and large pellets that flow freely, to non-free-flowing products that pack, cake, seize or smear due to compression or frictional heat.

Ready to plug in and run, the castor-mounted system can be rolled into position, locked in place with jacking footpads, and connected to an upstream material source in several minutes.

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Motan Colortronic: New Smart Dryers

Motan Colortronic Limited has launched a new line of EMA fully adaptive smart dryer.

The new mobile single hopper unit builds on the proven ETA Plus technology Motan Colortronic use on central drying systems with multiple hoppers.

The EMA dryers are specifically designed to offer consistently low dewpoint air to a drying bin of 60, 100 and 150L whilst reducing energy consumption to a minimum.

The dryers are available with fully automatic air flow control, saving further energy and automatically creating an anti-stress system for the material.

The Motan Colortronic  units can be supplied with single conveying units or a mini central system built in to the dryer, ensuring a very flexible unit.

The touch screen control is compact and easy to use, whilst the solid state relays and high quality parts ensure optimum reliability.

The control can be connected to a Motan Colortronic control report and visunet.

The heat insulated drying hopper has a large cleaning opening with sight window so cleaning the hopper is extremely easy and simple, reducing down time to a minimum.


Martin Engineering: Resolving Material Accumulation In Cement Plant Limestone Silo

Paulden, AZ, USA –  A state-of-the-art cement plant has resolved material accumulation issues in its limestone silo by combining high-efficiency cleaning techniques with powerful, strategically-placed air cannons to prevent further build-up. The Drake Cement facility ten miles north of Paulden, AZ was experiencing clogging issues on a weekly basis, forcing maintenance personnel to spend up to 12 hours to clear the blockage using tools and compressed air. During damp weather, the problem worsened, and at times the large structure would fill in as little as two hours, forcing operators to use CO2 blasting tubes every 15 to 30 minutes. Technicians from Martin Engineering were able to clear the blockage on a short-notice visit, and then revised the site’s air cannon system to prevent the issue from recurring.

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Flexco Europe to present conveyor belt connecting and cleaning systems at Ugol Rossii & Mining Trade Fair 2017

Conditions in underground mining range from arctic cold to extreme heat and are especially hard on man and machine. At the Ugol Rossii & Mining Trade Fair, (6-9 June, Novokuznetsk), Flexco GmbH will be showcasing solutions that not only allow conveyor system operators to improve their processes, but also greatly simplify maintenance and repair work. The solutions on show will include the new belt centring station PT Pro EZ, which detects a skew and realigns the belt correctly – an important step in preventing material losses.

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Russell Finex: Customized two-deck pharmaceutical screener

Unique double-deck hygiene sifter guarantees the consistency of tablets after coating stage by Russell Finex
During the production of pharmaceutical goods, hygiene, quality and consistency of the final product is of utmost importance. From screening excipients and active pharmaceutical ingredients and granules to ensuring consistent tablet size and finish, sanitary processing equipment is used to guarantee maximum quality throughout production.

Due to the evolution of the pharmaceutical industry, updates to sanitation regulations and increases in production demands are common. Therefore, manufacturers are continually introducing new technologies and processes to optimize production and meet hygiene standards. However, it is often difficult to upgrade existing process lines with new machinery. Factors such as size and access limitations can make the integration of new equipment a challenge for production managers.

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Windmoeller & Hoelscher at Interpack 2017

International Visitors and Top-quality Discussions
German machinery manufacturer, Windmöller & Hölscher, returns from interpack 2017 very satisfied. “As a specialist in machinery for the production of flexible packaging, interpack is one of the most important international trade shows for W&H. This year, the importance of the trade show was underscored by the large number of international visitors and the high-quality discussions we had at the booth,” said Chief Sales Officer (CSO) Peter Steinbeck. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dr. Jürgen Vutz added, “Customers invest in improving the efficiency and quality of their production to profit from the growing flexible packaging market. We saw this again and again through the high traffic to our booth, the interesting and fruitful discussions that were had as well as from the number of orders we were able to close on the show floor.”

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EDEM brings bulk material simulation to users of Adams multi-body dynamics

EDEM, the market leader in Discrete Element Method (DEM) technology, announced the release of EDEM for Adams – a simulation tool that enables engineers to include realistic bulk material loads as standard in Adams system dynamics analysis without the need for DEM knowledge or expertise in bulk material simulation.

EDEM for Adams has been developed specifically for engineers who use the Multi-body Dynamics (MBD) software Adams™ of MSC Software in the design of heavy equipment such as excavators, bull dozers and ploughs that are intended to handle bulk materials like coal, ores, rocks, and soils.

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New Company Name Reflects Expanded Focus and Product Lines for BossTekTM

Peoria, IL, USA  –  A global leader in dust and odor control has announced a company name change that embodies the firm’s expanded portfolio of technologies and services. After pioneering atomized mist dust control cannons more than a decade ago with its powerful DustBoss ® designs, Dust Control Technology ® has changed its name to BossTek ™ to better reflect all of the company’s successful product lines. These include the OdorBoss ® odor suppression technology, with its line of environmentally safe topical and airborne odor treatment agents, and the KoolBoss ™ crowd cooling technology for large outdoor events. What hasn’t changed is the company’s dedication to equipment quality and customer service.

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