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Flexicon (Europe): Pneumatic Weigh Hopper with Fill/Pass Valve

Whitstable, Kent, U.K. –  A new weigh hopper with Fill/Pass Valve for dilute-phase pneumatic conveying systems has been introduced by Flexicon. Suspended from three small-scale load cells, the gain-in-weight hopper delivers higher accuracy than loss-of-weight systems requiring higher-capacity load cells.

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CHoPS 2018: Call for Papers

CHoPS 2018 Abstract submission is OPEN

We welcome submissions from both Academia and Industry in the form of research papers or case studies.

Topics include:

• Powder flow testing
• Segregation
• Mixing
• Mechanical conveying
• Silo design for flow
• DEM – process modelling
• Mechanical behaviour of bulk materials
• Wear
• Particle attrition
• Particle interaction / deformation
• Industrial applications in the form of end user case studies

Please visit this website for the template, specifications and how to submit your abstract.

Please see this flyer for a summary of the conference.

We hope to see you at CHoPS 2018 in London.

Kind regards

Prof Mike Bradley
Conference Chair
Director,  The Wolfson Centre for Bulk Solids Handling Technology

c/o Deborah Reed-Aspley conference secretariat

The International Conference on Conveying and Handling of Particulate Solids (CHoPS) is the 9th in a series, since it started in Tel-Aviv in 1994. The previous eight conferences gave us excellent opportunities to get acquainted with each other and to share advanced information on solids handling. The Conference theme is “Fusion of science and industry: from particle contacts to bulk behaviour”. It will focus on the emerging opportunities and challenges in solids handling technology, and the application of both these and established knowledge, in the process industries and the equipment manufacturing sector.

The scope will range from pharmaceuticals to mining and minerals, including food, chemicals, power generation, waste, environment and all other sectors that process powders and bulk solids. If you deal with particulates – you have to be at CHoPS, no other conference in the area is as large, as international, and as wide ranging in both industry and academic participation.

This is a unique forum to promote the exchange of technical and scientific information in the academic and industrial sectors in the fields of solids flow, mechanical behaviour of bulk materials, powder testing, segregation and mixing, modelling etc. It is also designed to foster business and collaboration opportunities around the world.

The conference is at the World Heritage Site of Greenwich Maritime, near the heart of London. It is expected that there will be over a hundred presentations, plenary and keynote lectures, a combined space for networking, exhibition and poster display, a programme of industry visits and a busy social programme. Come early, bring your family and enjoy “The World’s Greatest City” as well as the world’s biggest and best solids handling conference.

CHoPS is organised by The Wolfson Centre for Bulk Solids Handling Technology and supported by SHAPA, IMechE, IChemE, MHEA and many other associations. The last CHoPS Conference in 2015 brought together more than 200 particulate solids specialists and well-known scientists and engineers from all over the world – with an international attendance of 80 percent. Established in 1995, CHoPS is one of the longest-running conferences on particulate solids anywhere in the world.

More information on Wolfson Centre for Bulk Soilds Handling

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PARMAT2017: International Conference on Processing, Handling and Characterization of Particulate Materials

A new conference on particulate materials (PARMAT2017) is organized by eight Working Parties of the European Federation of Chemical Engineering (EFCE) in the frame of the WCCE10-ECCE11-ECAB4, which will be held from 1st to 5th October 2017. This initiative started in ECCE10 aiming to be a meeting point for academia and industry to share the latest scientific progresses and technological advances in fields were particulate materials are involved. More specifically, PARMAT2017 is devoted to all the aspects related to the chemical and mechanical processing, handling and characterization of particulate materials in industry, including hazards and risks that are usually presented during these operations. This International Conference will provide a unique opportunity to integrate academic/scientific research and industry issues and requirements from researchers and industrialists around the world.

Which are the benefits of participating?

  • Increased awareness of academic/scientific researchers in the areas of industrial applications, problems, requirements, equipment and instrumentation
  • Future Research and Development directions and projects
  • Increased awareness of industry users/ suppliers in the areas of “academic” achievements, expertise and capabilities
  • Increased academic/industry networks, linkages and relationships

Deadline for abstract submission: 30th January 2017.

Download JE-PARMAT2017 Announcement flyer

Álvaro Ramírez-Gómez
Associate Professor
Chairman, EFCE Working Party on Mechanics of Particulate Solids
Departamento de Ingeniería Mecánica, Química y Diseño Industrial
Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería y Diseño Industrial
Technical University of Madrid
Ronda de Valencia 3
28012 Madrid
Tel.  +34 913366837

Martin Engineering: Innovative Conveyor Technologies Showcased at 2017 SME Conference

Denver, CO, USAMartin Engineering, a global leader in bulk material handling technologies, will be exhibiting a broad range of innovative products and services for safer and more productive conveyor operation at the 2017 SME Annual Conference & Expo, to be held February 19-22 at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver. Booth #2104 will feature new and improved component designs from Martin Engineering for conveyor belt cleaning, safety guarding and power generation. Experts will also be on hand from the company’s Engineered Projects Sales & Support Group (EPSS), which assists engineers and procurement professionals during the design, bid and procurement phases of new construction and/or upgrade projects.

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bulk-online Newsletter 2/2017 – Videos & News – January 18, 2017

Ladies and Gentlemen,
dear eDirectory Members & Forum Participants,
dear Bulkoholics,

I invite you to send us your News, articles, videos, etc. for worldwide dissemination on the Powder/Bulk Portal.

Please help us find new Members by forwarding this email to your friends and colleagues. Thank you.

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MoistTech Corporation: New bulk-online eDirectory Member

NIR Moisture Sensors for Measurement & Control from Lab to Line

MoistTech is the world leader in NIR moisture measurement technology for Instant On-line, Off-line and Laboratory moisture instrumentation. Our MoistTech, near infrared(NIR) gauges and sensors, provide the most accurate and repeatable measurements existing for your manufacturing and quality control process.

Insensitive to material variations such as particle size, material height and color, MoistTech moisture sensors provide continuous, reliable readings. Our sensors are one time calibration, maintenance free with a non-drift optical design allowing operating personnel to confidently make immediate process adjustments based on real-time measurements.

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ContiTech Reorganizes Conveyor Belt Business for Industrial Applications

ContiTech Strategically Reorganizes Conveyor Belt Business

ContiTech has strategically reorganized its conveyor belt business to focus more on its industrial applications business in the future. For this purpose, the conveyor belt specialist has created the new segment, Industrial Belt Solutions. “Our conveyor belt portfolio for industrial applications is growing steadily. Service and digitalization also offer the business further potential. Furthermore, many of our customers are merging into increasingly larger units, meaning that our way of thinking and working is taking on new dimensions to meet their changing needs and requirements,” says Dr. Michael Hofmann of the ContiTech Conveyor Belt Group, who has taken on the role of segment head. Continue reading ContiTech Reorganizes Conveyor Belt Business for Industrial Applications

Schenck Process Launches its First app: vibe2know™

An easy way to measure the performance of vibrating machines with a smartphone
Is your equipment giving you good vibes? Or is it time for a fitness check? With vibe2know™ from Schenck Process, anyone can determine a vibrating machine’s current performance. The user simply inserts a smartphone into the specially designed mount and attaches it to the equipment. The app then immediately measures vibratory amplitude, frequency, oscillating angle and operating speed, and enables the user to visualize the vibrating machine’s motion pattern.

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EDEM Software is Chosen by ArcelorMittal to Optimize Iron & Steel Making Process

Edinburgh, Scotland – January 11,  2017 –  EDEM, the Discrete Element Method (DEM) specialist and market leader, is pleased to announce that ArcelorMittal, the largest steel producing company in the world, has invested in EDEM software.

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bulk-online Newsletter 1/2017 – Videos & News – January 10, 2017

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We have published these Videos:

Macmet’s Overland Belt Conveyor for Ambuja Cements, Darlaghat, Suli

Powder Technic Ltd.: Ingredient Dosing System for Bakeries

JVI Vibratory Equipment: Spiral Material Test Final

KREISEL Rotary Valve Configuration App – SCHLEUSENAPP

Siwertell Ship Unloaders – Cement

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