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Pneumatic Conveying, Performance and Calculations!

In many industrial processes and transport, materials have to be stored and moved from one location to another location. For long distances, e.g. from one country to another country (or continents), modalities are used e.g. ships, aircraft, trains, trucks, etc.

Where changes are made in the transport (or storage) modality, various technologies are used to move the material from one modality to the other modality.

The basic applied technologies are :

  • mechanical systems
  • grabs
  • screws
  • belt conveyers
  • buckets
  • etc.
  • Carrying medium systems
  • Hydraulic systems using liquids as carrying edium
  • Pneumatic systems using gas as carrying medium

The bulk handling sector over the world is a key player in economics as it handles all kinds of commodities such as cereals, seeds, derivatives, cement, ore, coal, etc., which are processed in the industry to other commodities, which have to be transported and handled again.